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Ad hoc Committees

BFM Clerks form ad hoc Committees as they are needed.

  • Information about current ad hoc committees is listed below. 
  • Use this link for information about past ad hoc committees.  


The ad hoc Threshing Preparation Committee (2021-present)

Mission: In February, 2021, Bethesda Friends Meeting (BFM) agreed to move forward on a Threshing process to discern whom we wish to become as a Meeting (as it pertains to systemic racism) and which of the BFM-wide ideas generated will be taken up by the Meeting as a whole with an action plan.  The Meeting agreed: 

  1. to seek external expertise and support to help us with blind spots and with the organizational identity change we seek to clarify; and  
  2. to sanction the formation of a self-organized Threshing Preparation ad hoc Committee to investigate external options and shape an approach to the Threshing effort, with input from many sources, that will be imbued with Spirit and Quaker process.

A 2015-2021 timeline of BFM milestones, as we have examined our testimony of equality

 For several years and in many ways, individuals and groups within the Bethesda Friends Meeting (BFM) community have sought to uplift our testimony of equality, especially as it relates to race. Click here for a timeline giving an overview of some of our journey milestones at BFM. 

On July 18, 2021, Meeting for Business approved the use of Anti-Racist Queries for Decision Making at BFM 

  • The BFM Change Group encouraged the BFM co-clerks to follow the Baltimore Yearly Meeting (BYM) example and create anti-racist queries that can be applied to our decision-making process at Meeting for Business and during committee meetings.  As a result, and drawing upon the BYM queries and modifications made by other Monthly Meetings, the co-clerks drafted two anti-racist queries for use at BFM.  These were approved at Meeting for Business on July 18, 2021. 
  • Please click here to see the queries and a summary of how they evolved. 

Next steps

  • On Sunday, October 24, 2021 from 1:00-2:30 p.m.we will gather via Zoom for a Threshing Session. To obtain the Zoom link, see your email bulletin or use our Contact Us form  
  • We will listen to the Spirit working within and through us to discern what type of community BFM is, and who we wish to be, as we seek to be an institutional instrument of peace. 
  • For more details, please read the event listing and the October 2021 Newsletter article.  
  • Any questions?  Please email us at or contact Gale T. (see BFM Directory).
Background and invitation to our Sunday, October 24th event

For several years and in many ways individuals and groups within the Bethesda Friends Meeting (BFM) community have sought to uplift our testimony of equality, especially as it relates to race. To see a timeline of key milestones, please click here.  There is much work and discernment left to be done.

  • You are invited to come together to discern whether BFM, as a Meeting, wishes to undertake an exploration of our identity regarding racism, what approach may be used to reflect on where we are as individuals and as a Meeting, and what transformative steps we are willing to take. 
  • As part of such reflections, we invite you to consider next steps, including whether the Meeting will need the support of an external facilitator. 
  • Depending on our commitments, we will need to consider how willing the Meeting is to raise funds required to compensate this person. 

On October 24, 2021 as we continue to emerge from the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will gather by Zoom for a Threshing Session. Click here for the invitation and details. We will listen to the Spirit working within and through us to discern what type of community BFM is and who we wish to be as we seek to be an institutional instrument of peace.  We gather in response to Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s June 2020 Call for Action against Systemic Racism, which can be viewed here The Religious Society of Friends, like all groups, has been damaged by historic racial injustice and our members and neighbors are harmed by persistent inequalities.  We are called to do better.  

  • Everyone is invited and all are requested to schedule your time so that you do not need to arrive late or leave early.   
  • Once gathered we will settle into the silence of a Threshing Session facilitated by a weighty Friend to consider queries provided in advance.  
  • With a mixture of eagerness, trepidation, and confidence in Way Opening, we look forward to seeing BFM members and attenders gather together.
  • For more information and links to our reports, please click here

~ Alex Bell, Margaret Benefiel, Jackie DeCarlo, Peirce Hammond, Gale Thompson, Aura Triana Pacheco

The ad hoc Committee on Digitization (2017-present)

(a) The first ad hoc Committee for the Digitization of Records (DRC) was formed in April 2017.

The DRC was formed and charged in April 2017 to support BFM in a Meeting-wide discernment process for identifying the best way to assure that information about our community is accessible, useful, up to date, and secure. Read the full charge here.


In May 2018 the DRC presented a final report, which recommended that the DRC be laid down, and in its place some type of ad hoc Records Implementation Committee be formed.

In June 2018, BFM concluded that:  "After nearly two years of sustained effort, the ad hoc Digitization of Records Committee (DRC) has completed its work and proposed a set of next steps for the implementation of a digitization plan for Bethesda Friends Meeting. With deep gratitude for the sheer industry and clarifying insight of the DRC, and in keeping with its recommendations, the Co-Clerks now appoint an ad hoc Committee for the Implementation of a Digitization Plan (CIDP)...."

(b) Thus the second digitization ad hoc Committee was formed in June 2018 and called the Committee for the Implementation of a Digitization Plan (CIDP).

The CIDP was given a two year mission to set up a new digitization system and to follow that system for one trial year. Read the full charge here

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