Friends may find this form useful for speaking their mind about how our community should proceed into the future as we weigh various opportunities for meeting venues. The queries below are provided only as a means of stimulating discussion and are not meant to be comprehensive or definitive. Please answer any or all that you feel moved to, and feel free to ignore others. And, of course, please use the “other comments” space at the bottom to express any thoughts at all on the subject, including suggestions for more queries.

This online form (below) will be emailed directly to members of the ad hoc committee (AHCOOF), who will incorporate the comments into the collective information being gathered.  

If you prefer writing your thoughts in a document you can save, please open or download this Word form. You can put a printed copy of the Word form in the Clerks' mail pocket at the Meeting house, or you can save and email it to a committee member. (Click here for committee members' names.)    Thank you!                                                                                                         (January 2016)
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What are the most important aspects of a
physical home for a spiritual community?
What do you value most
about our current meeting venue?
Who are we and
what are our values as a Meeting?
In what way might these values be realized
or reduced with different location options?
What additional energy and/or
resources can we muster – and for what?
What are we worried about?
Should BFM move to the Washington DC
campus with SFS?
If not, where should we be located?
How far are you willing to travel
to attend Meeting for Worship?
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